MEETSSS is our first self-made conference slash international gathering slash 5th anniversary event. Members of the network from all over the world are invited to gather in Portimão, Portugal to bring their online connection to life and nurture new friendships in the music industry. The event is perfect for music executives, artists and creatives working in entertainment, whether you are a shesaid.so member or not. Open to all genders.

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The four-day event will:

+ embody shesaid.so’s core brand values: collaboration, diversity and inclusion;

+ focus on personal and professional growth for female-identifying professionals in the music industry;

+ nurture community among music executives and creatives of all genders;

+ showcase the work of women, non-binary and other underrepresented talent in the music business.

Featured speakers consist of industry professionals and other inspiring individuals in their fields who will share the best tools to thrive, give back to the community, and mentor future generations of leaders. 

Delegates will include but are not limited to shesaid.so members, industry executives, creators, activists, and other tastemakers in music and beyond. Open to all genders.



Topics we will cover

+ Professional & personal growth +

+ Intersectionality, diversity & inclusion +

+ Community & mentorship +

+ mental health & wellbeing +

+ he for she / she for he +

+ Entrepreneurship & financial sustainability + 

+ jobs +

+ music industry networking +


Our partners


The summit talks & music showcases will be curated together with partner organizations such as the British Council, Kickstarter, Village Underground Lisbon, Italia Music Export, Resident Advisor, Le Bureau Export and more.

MEETSSS is made possible with funding from the Tourism Board of Algarve and Portugal, as well as our partner organizations. Produced in partnership with Portimao-based Pipol. 


If you’re interested in partnering with us please contact us at hello@shesaid.so

The summit agenda will be complemented by a series of music showcases featuring local and international artists with a clear but non-exclusive focus on female-identifying talent.

+ Opening Concert

+ Three sunset sessions

+ Official dinner live performance

+ Two late night parties

More details TBA