Tea Ceremonies by .standstill.


We teamed up with .standstill. to launch our collaborative project - SSSOOLONG: a custom sourced high-mountain Taiwanese Oolong.

The tea is this year's late-spring harvest Jin Xuan Oolong from a farm in Alishan, Taiwan, known for it's smooth, 'creamy' finish. It is bright and light as a cloud! To kick off the launch of SSSOOLONG with a proper bang, .standstill. is going on a lil' Euro tour!

First stop: MEETSSS. Next stop: Paris.

At MEETSSS, .standstill. be hosting tea ceremony on the beach on October 4 + 5. Booking is required, please follow the link below to reserve your seat. More info will be available at the registration/help desk as well as in your delegate bag.

The tea capsule will be available for purchase exclusively at MEETSSS, and in select retail stores in Europe, plus online in the US later this year.