she.grows at MEETSSS

A mini-mentoring scheme supported by YouTube Music x Youtube_05.jpg

she.grows at MEETSSS is a mini-mentoring scheme inspired by’s full-fledged mentoring programme - she.grows.

A total of five Mentors and Mentees are taking part in this scheme, which includes a series of group training sessions, as well as 1to1 meetings facilitated by two Mentorship Managers and one Project Lead. In addition, the official MEETSSS schedule will also include a panel discussion that aims to introduce delegates to she.grows and the concept of mentoring.

After an overwhelming volume of outstanding applications we are thrilled to announce five Mentees have been matched with our Music Industry Expert Mentors. Thanks to support from YouTube Music, the Mentees - who were selected via an open call - are invited to participate in the scheme and attend MEETSSS with an expenses paid trip. Each Mentee receives a delegate pass, accommodation for 3 nights, and travel. Expert Mentors have been selected from the MEETSSS speaker lineup.

In order to introduce other MEETSSS delegates to the concept of mentoring further, each guest will receive black and white stickers as part of their delegate bags - white signifying a Mentee, and black signifying a Mentor. Those willing to participate are invited to wear one of the stickers throughout the event and get the opportunity to experiment with mentorship by inviting other delegates with stickers to engage with them in conversation as a Mentor, or a Mentee respectively. This activity is completely optional and more information will be included in the delegate bag.


Mentor: Emmanuelle Rosset (Head of YouTube Subscriptions Marketing, France)

Mentee: Sorrel Salb (UK)



Mentor: Georgia Taglietti (shesaidsoSpain/SONAR, Director/Head of Communications, Spain)

Mentee: Anna Simai (Germany)


Mentor: Jennifer Justice (The Justice Department, Co-Founder, USA) 

Mentee: Allison Hatch (Netherlands)


Mentor: Mariana Duarte Silva (shesaidsoLisbon/Village Underground Lisboa, Co-Founder, Portugal) 

Mentee: Tania Rocha (Portugal)

mariana vu.jpg

Mentor: Naeem Davis (Co-founder, bbz London, UK)
Mentee: Filipa Marinho (Portugal)


she.grows at MEETSSS is made possible with support from YouTube Music.