sTUDIO BROS / portugal

Studio BROS" two young guys living in the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon born and raised in Quinta do Mocho, from their teenage friendship they started to create and make music. From the start motivated in expressing their traditional African rhythm with electronic, these two young producers started their journey back in 2007, following came their creation "Alto Nível Produções" an outcome from their hardwork and creativity producing in their own bedrooms their passion for music pushed them to create various themes.

Their entrance on the record label "Príncipe" allowed them to gain experience and maturity, in their collective songs they participated in two compilations, the first one was for the Portuguese label "Príncipe" entitled "Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo" and the second one was entitled "Carga" by the English record label Warp records. In this ascending journey, the two artists had the necessity of making an impact in the market so they temporarily joined the agency "Nacaza".

With the amazing reception on their best hits it took the duo to perform across Europe in the main cities of the world like London, Luxembourg and Paris. The duo internalization has being recently reinforced with the recent project "Lendário" released in December 2018 this partnership with the label TAR, allowed the duo to expand their unique creation and authentic of the two young producers.

Studio Bros are curated by our partner Village Underground Lisboa.

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