camille guitteau / Project Manager / bye bye plastic / france / the netherlands

Lyon-born, Amsterdam-based, Camille is Project Manager of Bye Bye Plastic, a support system helping the music industry drastically downscale its plastic consumption. The internationally operating plastic-free team is now celebrating its first year of activity, helping establishments to navigate and achieve the great plastic switch, making waves with their #MyEcoRider initiative and more.

After a career start through radio hosting, and events and marketing activation, Camille set in Amsterdam as part of Gracenote, a worldwide provider of music, video and sports metadata and ACR technologies. However she realised she was drawn to contribute to the industry in a different fashion; one that would contribute towards a sustainable future for the planet.

When not examining sustainability reports, Camille creates contemporary art. Her bespoke 2018-2019 series offers a new kind of multi-sensory experience, creating diverse visual interpretations of carefully selected tracks.