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Born and raised in Paris, Jeanne de Boismilon has been working in the music industry since 2007, mostly promoting live concerts and events in France.
Until 2018, she was Head of Marketing at Décibels Productions, part of Warner Music Group based in Paris: one of the major French live production companies promoting the most famous local pop and rap artists & musicals. In charge of all marketing aspects and promotion coordination for more than 30 artists on tour, she focused on the development of communication strategies, advertising campaigns and management of media partnerships.

From 2014, she was also responsible for marketing strategies and promotion coordination with labels (!K7, Ninja Tune, Crammed Discs, Concrete Music...) for Dif Productions, the new radar for inventive (electronic) music and visual arts created by Décibels and the renowned independent label InFiné Music, promoting on stage French and international artists such as Chloé, Deena Abdelwahed, Rone, Nova Materia...

Jeanne is based in Paris and joined the EMEA Music Partnerships team at Google in September 2018. She works across Southern Europe with one single motto: help European culture thrive, always!